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Sunscreen Fundraising the healthier way

Hamilton Sunscreen & Blistex Lip Balm

Does your school need a new facility? Perhaps your sports club needs new equipment? Our fundraisers have a proven formula for helping schools and clubs reach their goals, and bring their communities together.

With our fundraiser drive you will reach your goal in no time, and we’re here to help every step of the way.

Sunscreen Fundraising

What’s In the Box

These products have been carefully selected to ensure your Sunscreen Fundraising is successful and profitable!

Hamilton Active Family SPF50+ 125mL
Hamilton Active Family
SPF50+ Lotion (6)
Blistex Happy Lips - Strawberry
Blistex Happy Lips
Strawberry SPF15+ (6)
Blistex Happy Lips - Mango
Blistex Happy Lips
Mango SPF15+ (6)

Responsible Fundraising

  • Ensure adults are supervising at all times.
  • Encourage children to participate.

  • Don’t put too much pressure on yourself or others.

  • Focus on the cause and the rest will happen.
  • Some people won’t be interested and that’s ok!
  • Be clear and precise about your goals.
  • Have fun and remain positive!
Hamilton Sunscreen Logo
Blistex Logo

Why Hamilton Sunscreen & Blistex Lip Balm?

Protecting Australians for over 80 years

Hamilton sunscreens have been developed and manufactured in Australia for over 80 years and today their range of SPF50+ products provides very high protection to help your skin in Australia’s harsh conditions.

Blistex Happy Lips SPF15 is perfect for most types of outdoor activity, as it is a high protection sunscreen.

Always read the label. Use only as directed.


How It Works

Tell people about your plans to run a Sunscreen Fundraiser

Timing: Send out one week before you plan to kick off the Fundraising drive.
Download Thank You Letter Template

Tell people that there’s one week left to sell their Sunscreen

Timing: Send out one week before the end of the Fundraising drive.
Download Reminder Letter Template

Celebrate your Sunscreen Fundraising project’s success

Timing: Send out once you’ve got the results of your Fundraising drive.
Download Congratulations Letter Template

Fundraising Australia-wide!

Don’t wait any longer. Start Sunscreen Fundraising today!

Contact us!

Frequently Asked Questions

Hopefully the answers you’re searching for are here but if not, don’t stress. We’re happy to talk over the phone or via email.

Ordering and returns

We are extremely excited you have made it this far and are only too eager to help you get organised. We can help you establish how many boxes you will need (you can raise up to $46 per box, based on recommended retail price), and provide advice on how to make the most out of your fundraising drive.
Please email or call 0403 081 059 so we can get you started now.

Yes. The minimum order is 50 boxes per fundraising drive however if this is even too excessive, still contact us in case there’s something we can do on a case by case basis.

To keep it all very simple, the boxes contain the following product mix:

  • 6x Hamilton Active Family Lotion SPF50+ (125mL)
  • 6x Blistex Happy Lips SPF15 (Strawberry)
  • 6x Blistex Happy Lips SPF15 (Mango)

That’s only 18 pieces per box to sell compared to other fundraising models which consist of 40+ items.

We have two options for you to choose from.

Option 1:

  • The packs come completely pre-assembled and ready for despatch to your buyers.
  • Due to the additional labour involved in this process you will incur a Postage & Handling Fee.

Option 2: (Most Popular)

  • The fundraiser boxes are supplied flat-packed for you to assemble.
  • The sunscreen and lip balm will arrive in cartons for you to sort into the fundraiser boxes – this is a great opportunity for teachers, students or volunteers to take ownership of the fundraiser as well as discuss the importance of the application of sunscreen.
  • This method will increase your school or club’s potential earning capacity.
  • All Postage & Handling Fees are waived for this option.

Payment and delivery

We accept EFT (preferred), cash or cheque.

We will always aim to deliver the stock at least 5 business days prior to the fundraiser drive commencing. Our friendly fundraising consultants can give you more information about expected delivery times in your area.

No, we can’t. Please make sure there is someone available to take receipt of your Sunscreen Fundraising order. As well as ensuring that you receive your order safely, sunscreen doesn’t like being left in the hot sun, wind or rain. Make sure someone is available to accept and sign for your delivery – it’s a great idea to get the boxes delivered to a business address.

Note we cannot deliver to PO boxes.

Our delivery team sometimes gets caught up in traffic or with other deliveries, so we can’t give you an exact delivery time. However we can give you a delivery window so you know roughly when to be there.

We only charge a delivery fee if your school or club chooses Option 1 as this involves doubling the handling of the goodies along with two deliveries drops. It is highly recommended to choose Option 2 which will ensure you receive the biggest return possible and ultimately help you reach your goal faster.


This can vary from group to group, depending on who is selling. Take a look at our steps to success to plan your fundraising drive to perfection. Plus, your local Sunscreen Fundraising consultant is experienced and is there to help you. We genuinely care about your cause and are here to help.

Don’t forget, wherever you are selling your boxes – at work, among friends and family, or around the neighbourhood – adults need to be in charge. If kids want to help, they always need an adult with them.

School or community group fundraising drives usually run for two to three weeks – if they go for much longer, you may lose momentum. Individual fundraising drives may go for a lot longer, up to six months.