17 02, 2019

Common Myths About Tanning


There are many myths about melanoma but now it's time to ignore the myths and listen to the facts. Here are common misconceptions about melanoma and skin cancer: MYTH: People with dark skin colour don't get melanoma. FACT: People with lighter skin and eye colour are at high risk, but anyone can get melanoma. MYTH: Once a melanoma has been cut out, it's gone. FACT: One reason melanoma is [...]

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31 01, 2019

New Approach to Sunscreen Use


Australians are being urged to take sun safety even more seriously than ever before after recent studies have suggested we're still not doing enough to protect ourselves from skin-damaging UV rays. It's now recommended that applying sunscreen should become part of our morning routine every day, just like brushing our teeth. This advice was published in the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health on Friday 25th January [...]

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