Hopefully the answers you’re searching for are here but if not, don’t stress. We’re happy to talk over the phone, via email or in person when possible.

We are extremely excited you have made it this far and are only too eager to help you get organised. We can help you establish how many boxes you will need (you can raise anywhere from $30 to $48 per box, based on recommended retail price), and provide advice on how to make the most out of your fundraising drive.
Please email or call 08 7127 7751 so we can get you started now.

While we encourage everyone to order at least 20 boxes, there are no set minimum requirements.

We have several options to choose from however our best seller consists of:

  • 6x Hamilton Active Family Lotion SPF50+ (125ml)
  • 6x Blistex Happy Lips SPF15+ (Strawberry)
  • 6x Blistex Happy Lips SPF15+ (Mango)

That’s only 18 pieces per box to sell compared to other fundraising models which consist of 40+ items. The potential profit for your school or club for this package is $46 per box.

  • The fundraiser boxes are supplied flat-packed for you to assemble.
  • The sunscreen and lip balm will arrive in cartons for you to sort into the fundraiser boxes – this is a great opportunity for teachers, students or volunteers to take ownership of the fundraiser as well as discuss the importance of the application of sunscreen.

Due to strict legislation around the handling and sale of sunscreen in Australia, Sunscreen Fundraising cannot take back any unsold or excess products. Before placing your order, our consultants can help estimate how many fundraiser boxes you’re likely to need.


We accept credit card, EFT (preferred) or cheque.

We will always aim to deliver the stock within 5-7 business days from the moment you place your order. If you would like to book a fundraiser in advance but not receive the stock straight away, simply let us know the date you’ll require it by and we’ll take care of the rest.

No, we can’t. Please make sure there is someone available to take receipt of your Sunscreen Fundraising order. As well as ensuring that you receive your order safely, sunscreen doesn’t like being left in the hot sun, wind or rain. Make sure someone is available to accept and sign for your delivery – it’s a great idea to get the boxes delivered to a business address.

Note we cannot deliver to PO boxes.

Our delivery team sometimes gets caught up in traffic or with other deliveries, so we can’t give you an exact delivery time. However we can give you a delivery window so you know roughly when to be there.

Delivery is free Australia-wide except in some cases when delivering to rural locations. Please contact us should you require further clarification.


This can vary from group to group depending on who is selling. It should be a fun and educational process. Clearly explain to people what you are selling and the cause the money raised is going towards. We genuinely care about your cause so don’t be afraid to request our help if you’re struggling or unsure what to do.

Don’t forget, wherever you are selling your boxes – at work, among friends and family, or around the neighbourhood – adults should be supervising at all times. If kids want to help, they should always have an adult with them.

Not at all. You’re welcome to sell the Sunscreen Fundraising boxes for whatever price you like, however the pricing we suggest will keep you competitive against the major retailers around the country.

Keep in mind though, if you choose to sell the boxes cheaper than our suggested pricing you will reduce the amount of profit your school or club can make.

School or community group fundraising drives usually run for 2-3 weeks – if they go for much longer, you may lose momentum. Individual fundraising drives may go for a lot longer, up to six months.