If you’re school or club is looking for new fundraising ideas then don’t look past our successful Sunscreen Fundraising Boxes!

Does your school need new IT equipment, furniture or books? Perhaps your sports club needs funds to replace worn-out equipment or to send a team interstate for a carnival? Sunscreen is a great fundraising idea for schools or sporting clubs as it offers a healthier way to raise money and won’t melt before it’s delivered. Oh yeah, it’s shelf-life is far greater too!

Not convinced? Think about the benefits and your target market for a moment.

Despite being preventable, Australia has the highest incidence of skin cancer in the world and with sunburn causing 95% of melanomas, the most deadly form of skin cancer, every Australian family should have at least one bottle of sunscreen on hand at all times. Sunscreen Fundraising will not only raise valuable funds for your school or club but also help reduce the chances of another Australian being diagnosed with skin cancer in the future.

If that’s still not enough, we’re not simply selling some generic home-brand. Instead we have partnered with Hamilton Sunscreen (SPF50+) which is well known and a highly regarded brand by families around the country. Hamilton Sunscreen products are Australia-made and have been for over 80 years allowing you to buy/sell these products with confidence.

So why wouldn’t you give this a go? It’s time to rally the troops for a sensible and profitable fundraiser. If you need assistance along the way, the Sunscreen Fundraising team will help your organisation to fundraising glory while delivering a sun smart message to the broader community.